Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Guy

i want to tell you guys about one of my fav tv show eveeer...Family Guy ...

Family guy is cartoon about one craaaazy family. Peter the father is a complete idiot, hate his daughter very much..haha. And Louis the mother is kinda the normal one in the house. And Meg the one and only daughter in the house, she is so unlucky all the time, evrybody in the house don't know that she's there.hehe. And Chris the son he is overweight and stupid like his father..hehe..he has a blonde hair wich i don't know where he got that blondie hair..hehe and there's the baby Stewie..but he is one evil baby..he always try to kill his mother Louise...there's one episode that his mother finally killed by Stewie. But Louise survive and saved by a dolphin.. and there's a dog name Brian..he is the smartest in the house. He never meet the right women..always a dumb woman..he smokes...and date a lot of woman..and sometimes he do drugs...
Family guy is have to watch this's kinda stupid though..but it's funny..hehe

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My summer holiday

Summer holiday

On 28th july, me and my family went to paris for a summer holiday. Oh and my sisiter's friend came from indonesia. So at about 6 a.m we begin our journey hehe. We arrived in Paris at about 10 o'clock. We drive around paris, take a picture, and have a picnick in the park at the eiffel tower. But we don't have much time in Paris. We have to continued our trip to Nevers, the town that Saint Bernadette died. The next morning, we go to the church in nevers. And then we go around the saint bernadette park. And then we go to Lourdes but we stayed in a hotel near Lourdes. Next morning we go around Lourdes and visit the Mother Mary cave. Next day we want to continue our trip to Italy but it's too far. So stoped in Niece near Monaco. Oh yeah in Monaco there's a Summer Festival...there's a carnival. But the next day we go to Italy early in the morning. And before we go to Rome, we Stoped at Pisa, to take a picture and have a break. And than we arrive in Rome. we go around rome and have a dinner in Rome. the next day we go to Vatican and then we go to Swiss and on the way to Swiss, theres a huuuuge trafic jam about 30 minutes. And then we continue or trip to swiss. In swiss, my dad drive around some mountain and we have dinner in a top of mountain. Next day we take a i don't what it calls..skytrain maybe..hehe to a top of a mountain. We take a coffe break and take a picture. It was beautiful... It's amazing. Then we go to outlet in swiss...but we only got 30 minutes to shop because we're late...then we go back to our hotel and have a dinner. Next day...we got to german and go home..but! Before that i said to my father..." Dad we have to go to Movie Park!" so we go to Movie Park on our way home. It's so fun....

I think that's all.....that's my holiday...a fun and sometimes boring holiday..hehe

thank you