Saturday, August 1, 2009

A very interesting day

Today i went to traditional market called "Hobema" with my bestie Didjah. Her father takes us to hobema because he wants to buy some fish :P. We go around hobema to find converse but we don't find anything that we like. Then we saw some look alike designer's bags. The one that i like is a black studded bag and its 24 euro, for a bag like that? no thank you! And the one that didjah likes is like a look alike marc jacobs bag and it's 10 euro. not worthy! Then when we are like bored with hobema, we fly away to centrum ( well take a tram). And the 1st store we went to is H&M our fav store. And we were like drooling over a high waist skirt. I like the grey one with a studded belt and didjah likes the pink one, with basic belt.

After painful H&M, we decided to get a lunch, untiil! a woman come to us a start talking about religious. She talks in dutch, so i dont really understand it. But didjah told me that she was talking that we are going to hell, all of us. She said that no matter what we do, it's not good enough for God. And then a guy start looking at us, then came to us. He starts yelling with the woman and ask us to walk away from the lady. But we didn't ( why oh why). Then the guy is leaving us. The woman starts yaping again and suddenly that guy come again and ask the lady "Do you eat meet?" and starts to argue again. OMG i can't take it! everybody is so cruel. And finally they walk away. fiiiuh

So we continue our journey. We went to our fav place to eat. The american Restaurant. We ate a chicken nugget menu. Quite lekker. :P Then we went to V&D to buy a agenda for school. And then zara. Man zara is boring! And we bought ice cream! Sit under the tree and almost hit by a motorcycle, damn you ! Then we went to central station the went home!

The end :P


Horray! I just got my fisheye lens that i bought from ( best secondhand stuff in Holland). And it works perfectly. Example:

Well i guess it's not bad for less than 100 euro. And it's cheaper than buying a lomo camera. We don't have to spend money to buy a film or to print the photo. right?

i'm happy! :):):)

ps: in this photo i'm using nikon d60 :)