Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My 1st and 2nd day at THIMUN

well...i wanna tell you about my 1st day at THIMUN...well..it's pretty excited....but a lil bit confusing for me. It's a pretty fun experience actually, first, me and my partner ( DJ) got in to our room...and then the delegates from other countries already taken theire seats..btw we're representing Tanzania. After that the chairs wich is the head of the group came in. And we're pretty nervous when the chairs came. The president call every countries. Then the president told us all the rules in THIMUN. AFTER THAT, we begin lobying...wich i'm not sure about....all i know is...we have to sign some resolution that other countries made. That pretty mush it.

but but...at 3 o clock i got to see the opening ceremony. Before i actually saw it, i was pretty excited. I got to see it with my friend Basyir. We got to seet in the balcony. In the beginig i thought that it was fun. BUT rather than fun, we should hear like freakin 4 speeches from idk who. The first speech i'm awake. The second speech, i beggin to fallen asleep bacause it was toooo long. The third speech, i was asleep. The FOURHT speech, i was dreaming...and i look at basyir, he was sleeping too. I thought i was the only that was sleeping.

The second day, wich is today. I'm glad this day is over. Because, i have to gave an opening speech and today is our first time debating. Oh yeah, our group has to go to the OPCW building, and the security in that building is ridiculous. And i have to go trough that everyday.ooouuggh
Today we debate like 1 and a half resolution..and i takes 3 hours...and at oclock we go home and that's pretty much it....

thank u for reading ID

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