Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My 3rd day at THIMUN

Well today was pretty boring actually. Because i'm into like all the debating thingy. So i just seet there and draw something on my book...but Thank God today we could go home erlier..hehe...SO after the room was dissmised at 1 o├žlock. And then i walked to another building to get my lunch w/ my other friends. The lunch is just disgusting. Oh ...before we ate our luch, we take a photo first ( me, indah, mba yumi, nita). And my partner that i told you before dj, didn't come today. I think she missed something good. The guy that she likes seet just next our table. Poor didjah..hehe. And i said to indah "Indah, why dont i pretend that i took a picture of you, but actually i'm taking a picture of the guy near you." So...i pretend that i took a oicture of indah, but actually i'm not. I zoom to the guy near indah. it's a souvenir for didjah...hope you'll like it didj.

After we ate our lunch, we go to the city centre and we go to find a present for ara. Then we go home..hehe...At home i was bored. And then i wanna watch Marley & Me. OMG this movie is INCREDIBLE! At the end of the movie i was crying like crazy. For you guys that likes sad movie, this is a perfect mvie for you guys. 5/5.

That's my day and thanks for reading!

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