Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fashion Inspiration

Hey, because i'm bored as hell right now. I want to write a blog ( Oh wow 1st time). I want to write about my fashion inspiration and that is LAUREN CONRAD. I adore, love, admire, etc her style. I love everything she wears in The Hills. And the one thing i really love about her style is THE CHANEL BAG. Chanel bag really goes w/ everything. And the high waist skirt, the dress, and the bright plaid shirt are my favorites. I will show you some of Lauren's style that i really like and what i think about it.

It's kinda rock n roll for me, the belt give the image of rock n roll. The hair is just cute overall give it 10/10 ( perfect score)

The high waist skirt, it's so cute on her. The leght is good for her the top matches the skirt. The chanel bag, like i sad before is good w/ everything. I give this look 9/10.

Doesn't she look so cute and sweet, all black from well the shade to the shoes. Her hair looks so cute. And like always the chanel bags. This looks got a 10/10 from me.
Maybe that's all for now, i'm getting ready for dinner. And maybe i'll post more after dinner. Ciao ciao for now
Peace Yani

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