Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A very fun day :)

Today i woke up with a nose full and my throat is super dry. I'm not feeling well this morning. But i'm excited at the same time because, today is my sister bday. Wooootz! Me and my parents woke her up and gave her a present.

Well, i want to tell about my day at school. Well first i was soooo tired and lemes ( weak ). My nose is running, my eyes is watering, everything goes wrong this morning. I was crying, but my friends didnt know it. I was about to call my mom to pick me up, but i remember i had BIOLOGY test today. OMFG! i haven't study well the night before. And i was sick today. So i give it all to the hands of GOD. ( wait let me brush my theet 1st ). Baaack. The 1st subject today was math and i was not in the mood for math. And the 2nd subject was Sociology. Thank god, the teacher has to do something else. So i can study for biology. So it's biology time!! The soal is kinda hard, but i can do some of it. But 'm not really sure tho. hehe.

We always have a gamelan lesson every wednsday. Buuut, we thought that there were no gamelan today, because some of the students were having an exam. Soooooo, me and my friend didjah was watching the city on hahah. But, she heard the sound of gamelan playing from downstair. And my other friend came along, and she doesnt know that we had gamelan either. We didnt play the gamelan afterall, because we're so maleeeees! Because we're so bored upstairs, we sneek from the emergency stair. Because we're afraid that we will got caught, we walk very silently ( for us) but i think everybody knows/ heard our footsteps. We stay in the kitchen and there's so much happend there. Funny things and some annoying things. And didjah's brother Amr, is so annoying haha.

Well i think, that's my story for today. It's a good day afterall. :D

Peace (Y)

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